Jeff Bridges ‘feeling good’ after battles with cancer and Covid-19

Jeff Bridges 'feeling good' after battles with cancer and Covid-19 / Source: BauerGriffin

Jeff Bridges has said in a new interview that he’s "feeling good" after his recent health problems.

The Big Lebowski star spoke with Entertainment Tonight for an interview published on Thursday about his cancer and Covid-19 diagnoses.

Jeff announced in October 2020 he had been diagnosed with lymphoma and had gone through chemotherapy. He contracted Covid-19 in early 2021.

He told the outlet that he was “feeling good” before delving into his experience with the virus after going into cancer remission.

“Cancer-wise, yeah remission, and Covid, you know, that made my cancer look like nothing, that Covid,” Jeff said. “I did my chemo for the cancer and that stripped me of all my immune system, so then I got COVID on top of that, and it wiped me out.”

Due to pandemic setbacks and time out for cancer treatment, Jeff’s new show – The Old Man – took three years to be made. The FX series was originally set to debut in 2021.

The actor said of his show: “Oh man, that all seems like a bizarre dream, you know… Had two years off, and then come back into it, and and it’s like we had a long weekend and I, you know, had this bizarre dream.”

Jeff credited his cast and crew with the show’s fruition now, saying: “What a great group of, you know, not only the cast but just right, starting with John Steinberg, the writer, and Lauren Littlefield. The whole team.”

The Old Man is now due to premiere on Hulu on 16 June.

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