LeBron James looking to bring NBA franchise to Las Vegas

LeBron James looking to bring NBA franchise to Las Vegas / Source: Cover Media

LeBron James is planning to start his own NBA franchise in Las Vegas.

The basketball legend, who is contracted to the Los Angeles Lakers, has previously expressed an interest in owning an NBA team when he retires as a player.

With league bosses rumoured to be considering taking new teams to Seattle and Sin City, James said he is eyeing the latter franchise.

"I want a team in Vegas," the billionaire sportsman said in the latest episode of his HBO talk show, Uninterrupted: The Shop, "I want the team in Vegas."

The 37-year-old has already dabbled in sports team ownership as he has stakes in Liverpool FC and the Boston Red Sox. During his time in L.A. he has also stepped up his involvement in showbusiness with his SpringHill development and production company.

If he plans to continue playing, possibly to join a team with his 17-year-old son Bronny, he'll have to wait however, as league rules would prevent him from owning a team while still a player.

Las Vegas is becoming an increasingly popular sporting hub, as it now has an NFL team in the shape of the Las Vegas (formerly Oakland) Raiders.

(Cover Media)