Lily James fears there is ‘no such thing’ as privacy anymore

Lily James fears there is 'no such thing' as privacy anymore / Source: Keith Mayhew/Cover Images

Lily James is worried the rise of social media means there is "no such thing" as privacy anymore.

The British actress transforms into Pamela Anderson for the upcoming Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy, with the show delving into the marriage of the Baywatch actress and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, as well as the release of their infamous unauthorised sex tape.

Discussing the project in an interview for Porter magazine, Lily explained that the subject matter is important, as it not only explores the impact of the first celebrity sex tape, but the violation of privacy that the former couple experienced.

"It provoked an Internet and celebrity culture that, now, I believe is just way out of hand. There is no such thing as privacy now," she mused. "(Instead of videotapes being stolen) we're handing them out, constantly sharing our lives – with an audience that doesn't really care about you. And giving away information to corporations using it for profit. I know a time before that happened, but there are young girls who have no idea. This was a trigger moment that unintentionally sparked a new time… I hope a lot has changed. But sometimes it doesn't feel like it's changed quite enough."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Lily noted that she has a great deal of respect for Pamela, especially in regards to how she dealt with her celebrity status in the 1990s.

"The shaming was so extreme. Unfortunately, that's still the case, don't you think? Women are held to much higher standards and attacked in ways that feel so vicious. Pamela had such wit and grace in the way that she held herself. I admire that strength," the 32-year-old added.

Pam & Tommy, also starring Sebastian Stan as Tommy, is set to begin streaming on 2 February.

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