Nicolas Cage prefers not to be called ‘an actor’

Nicolas Cage prefers not to be called 'an actor' / Source: Cover Images

Nicolas Cage would prefer not to be described as an actor.

During an interview for the Variety Awards Circuit podcast, the 57-year-old described his preference for the term thespian.

"For me it always implies, 'Oh, he's a great actor, therefore he's a great liar,'" the National Treasure star said. "So with the risk of sounding like a pretentious a*shole, I like the word thespian because thespian means you're going into your heart, or you're going into your imagination, or your memories or your dreams, and you're bringing something back to communicate with the audience."

Cage also discussed the recent revitalisation in his career thanks to his performance in Michael Sarnoski's film Pig, for which he has been nominated for the Critics Choice Award for Best Actor. He praised the director for not writing him off like the studios did after he starred in a few flops.

"I knew after a couple of flops that I had been marginalised in the studio system and I wasn't going to get invited by (studios). I always knew that it would take a young filmmaker who would come back or remember some movies I had made and know that I might be right for his script and rediscover me," he admitted. "And that's why he's not just Michael. He's Archangel Michael. This wouldn't be happening if he didn't have the open mind to say, 'Come with me.'"

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