Rob Lowe reflects on ‘rock bottom’ moment which led to sobriety journey

Rob Lowe reflects on 'rock bottom' moment which led to sobriety journey / Source: Cover Images

Rob Lowe has reflected on the "rock bottom" moment that spurred him to get sober.

During an interview with People, the Parks and Recreation actor detailed the point at which he realised he had to stop drinking when he was 26.

In what Lowe described as his rock "bottom," he recounted how he came home from partying one night and listened to a voicemail from his mother who informed him that his grandfather had suffered a heart attack.

Instead of calling her back, the star continued drinking.

"I remember going into the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror and my thought process was, 'You need to drink directly from this bottle of Cuervo Gold so you can go to sleep, so you can wake up, so you can deal with this,'" he recalled.

Soon after the incident, the Literally with Rob Lowe host said that his family intervened and he was in rehab "48 hours later".

Two years later, Lowe married make-up artist Sheryl Berkoff and welcomed his two sons, Matthew and John Owen, in 1991 and 1993, respectively. He will celebrate 32 years of sobriety in May.

"Up until I turned 26, I spent all my time investing in my career," he concluded. "From 26 on, I've invested in me; my spirituality, my recovery, my marriage, my family. A lot of it has been, excuse me, f**king hard. And no one has a perfect life, but I'm grateful for all of it."

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